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Is finding an office a simple matter? Yes and no. As any leading economist would say, "It depends." Let's not hide, mainly from the requirements you have. From my experience: there are people who need an office in the center, others prefer to save money, others are looking for a conference room. Based on several dozen conversations with people looking for an office, I have selected 5 things that you must pay attention to when looking for an office.

1. Location

An office only in the city center? Not necessarily. There are pros and cons. In the Old Town, for example, it's hard to park, but the multitude of gastronomy is a plus. What is important? Access to public transport In large cities, owning a car is not very convenient.

Traffic jams, traffic jams, traffic jams鈥 and air pollution again. A lot of people choose public transport, and rightly so. That is why it is so important to be close to bus and tram stops, which will allow your employees to arrive on time. What distance is optimal?

In my opinion, a maximum of 7-10 minutes from the nearest stop. It is also worth paying attention to the access to places for bicycles.

Center - Public Transport - Bicycles

2. Internet

It just so happens that 90% of our clients are IT companies and 100% of them work on the Internet. So it is obvious that the Internet has to be fast. The question is how fast? I believe that at the moment such a minimum is 200/200 mb / s, with a symmetrical link. Sure, the faster the better.

We have 1 GB / 1 GB. Additionally, if your main activity is online, I recommend that you find an office that offers Internet from 2 different providers. If one fails, the other will allow your team to continue hassle-free work. We recommend, checked;)

Fast Internet - Symmetric - 2 Providers

3. Office armchairs

You can laugh, but the lack of comfortable chairs is a huge pain for people working while sitting. In our opinion, armchairs with a headrest and a lumbar support should be the standard. When it comes to amenities - there is one life changer when it comes to work chairs.

This is the feedback we get from our developer clients. Headrests. If you are programming, it means that 90% of your working time is spent sitting. Neck pain is an increasingly common problem among developers, and its cause is often an uncomfortable chair. Invest a little more and enjoy healthy employees who have chairs with headrests.

Chairs - Back pain - Headrests

4. Access to the office

You think, "that's cool, my new office!" But is it really going to be your office? In my opinion, only when you have unlimited access to it.

The possibility of using the office 24/7 should be a standard if you sublet an office for your team. Some like to come to work early (very early!), Others are night owls, and others want to catch up on the weekend off.

Check if the office is open only during the administration's working hours :) 24/7, your key and access - this is required!

24/7 - Continuous Access - Weekends

5.Common spaces

We have a new client in one of our offices. While viewing the room, I was asked if the use of the dining room was free. A bit confused, I asked what was going on. It turned out that in their (already) previous office there was an additional subscription fee if the employee wanted to eat in the kitchen and dining space.

Remember, social spaces are extremely important in the workplace. Personally, I cannot imagine a situation where there is an additional fee for access to the kitchen (knowing life, probably still prohibitive). Make sure your team members have a place to rest.

No extra charges - Integration - Kitchen

These are just 5 things you should check. And if you are looking for a place with great access to public transport, fast symmetrical Internet from 2 different suppliers, chairs with headrests, 24/7 access to the office and free common spaces - check out our office at J贸zefit贸w 8 in Krakow :)

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