Zabłocie – What is IT looking for

Among all the Kraków’s boroughs, industrial Zabłocie has made the most spectacular come back during recent years - just like Kate Bush with “Running up that hill” song is on top of the music charts again. While Bush has the popular Netflix series to thank, Zabłocie’s success is the result of consistent revitalization project that has made this area of Kraków very desirable to live and work.  

Once abandoned and ruined factories have been transformed into lofts, apartment buildings, the most contemporary student dormitory in the city, universities, and outstanding museums. It shouldn’t be any surprise that the finest investments are brought to Zabłocie.

This fall season on the map of the borough will appear two very exceptional clusters – first will be an Urban Space for social and technological innovations at Zabłocie 22 that is planned to execute Smart City concept. The second will be Cluster Offices which is going to be an excellent workspace for IT sector with great design and “future of work” trends. The new home of Cluster Offices will become Przemysłowa 12.


The Urban Cluster at Zabłocie 22 is a completely new initiative that is still in need of a Project Operator. Przemysłowa 12 has been the address linked with progress of new technologies, entrepreneurship incubators and startups for years. Cluster Office is currently being remodeled to prepare the space for verified, high standards of boutique Cluster Offices.


Law of Attraction


Zabłocie in its current format attracts innovation sector and IT tenants. Technological companies and startups wish to locate their headquarters in modern and chic boroughs with lots of character. Proximity to the City Center, wide range of development opportunities and convenient infrastructure are additional advantages. Present-day Zabłocie, connected with the City Center by Most Kotlarski (Kotlarski Bridge), is also minutes’ walk along Vistula River from trendy Kazimierz and it checks off all of those desired criteria.


 Cluster is a well-established brand that on Polish coworking market is responsible for gorgeous and functional offices that can alternate between shift and hybrid type of work. Moreover, Cluster offers rental of hot desks, conference rooms and meeting rooms in the sharing model if needed.

- During the pandemic, once again, we have reviewed our business model and we have adjusted it to the present IT client needs. This approach has helped us make the decision about new investments successfully, opening 2 new locations this year with total of 3000 square meters of floor space – says Founder and CEO of Cluster, Ewa Kucharska.


The Old Welcomes The New


Every Cluster office is in unique and renovated spaces in city centers (Plac Inwalidów and Stare Podgórze in Kraków). The new location of the boutique cowork space in Kraków’s Zabłocie will blend perfectly with the landscape of the borough, the old architectural fabric and overall atmosphere. Cluster offices will be available for rent starting first days of November, 2022.


- It is another important step in Cluster’s evolution. Przemysłowa 12 will consist of over 800 square meters of rental area. The building will offer 12 offices and total of around 110 workstations with access to complete office amenities and equipment, conference rooms, meeting rooms, front desk, and common areas - Ewa Kucharska adds.


 Life Attracts


On October 1st, 2022, new branch of Cluster opens in Katowice – it is located in the building of the Old Railway Station. Station’s revitalization and new management has been awaited by the residents of Silesia for years. The Old Railway Station was built in 1859 and has been registered as a monument since then. Current condition of center of Katowice and Kraków’s Zabłocie have proven the great success of urban projects like revitalization. Reviving old and beautiful areas might be the reason why places like Kraków or Katowice are appealing and engaging residents as well as the businesses – IT companies and investors.