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The future of work starts today

The experience of the pandemic has shown that effective work can be performed wherever the employee has access to technology: in the office, but also at home, or in a comfortable hammock in Sri Lanka or the Maldives. At the same time, the last few years of remote or hybrid work have proved that traditional offices are needed. However, they had to evolve to keep up with the changes. The future of work is happening today, and Cluster Offices provide one of the ways to introduce your company to the future of work.

Remote and hybrid - more flexible than ever

The year 2020 turned out to be a real game-changer in matters related to the culture and work organization. The pandemic has revealed the advantages of remote, hybrid, and alternative work. These are systems that turned out to be convenient and comfortable for employees. They also gave them a lot of valuable time during the day back. A time that in previous years was devoted to commuting or obligatory lunch breaks. Today it can be invested in passion and family.

The pandemic also significantly simplified the bureaucracy, and changed many processes to online ones, thanks to which employers saved a lot of money. Future work specialists agree that the transformation was extremely dynamic, but most importantly it was good, needed, and effective. It has set trends that will continue! And this is for the benefit of both the employer and the employee.

Flexi 鈥 the democratization of space and time

Serviced offices in the Flexi desk model

Desks assigned to a specific employee have evolved into more democratic flexi desks. This is a process that started even before the pandemic. Flexi desk - also known as hot desks - is a term that means that desks are not assigned to a specific employee. Flexi desks are one of the work models that can be implemented in the Cluster Offices (serviced offices in Katowice). By renting a serviced office, you can create a workspace where everyone can sit where there is a free space and wherever they want to be. Flexi desk supports equality and team integration. It also contributes to savings, in combination with remote or hybrid work. Research conducted at the University of Sydney has shown that the cost of renting an office and its equipment is the second largest for the employer.

At Beekeeper, we focus on technology and modern, flexible solutions - says Dominika Pi贸rko-Kowalczyk, Office Manager Beekeper. Our employees work in a hybrid model, which is why having office space in Cluster Offices allows you to significantly reduce the cost of renting space and to invest the remaining funds in other areas of office support.


If your company employs 60 people, 40% of whom work remotely, or if there is a regular exchange of two teams (remote work week, office week), there is no need to provide desks for every employee you hire! In each case, you only need a maximum of 40 desks.

Serviced offices in the Flexible hours model

It is not only remote work that allows you to perform tasks in flexible hours. Serviced offices and Cluster Offices coworking desks (Cowork Katowice / Krak贸w) are open 24 hours a day. It provides the ability to work in any rhythm - not just shifts.

The availability to the workplace 24 hours a day allows me to be more flexible and work at convenient times of my choice. - says Dominika Pi贸rko-Kowalczyk.


The 24-hour availability of the office means that a company working in a two-shift system, employing 40 people, will permanently need only 20 desks.

Similarly, if the company works in a single shift system, but in a hybrid model, where half of the employees always work remotely, they will also need 20 desks. In this case, each of the employees will be able to independently decide on the hours in which they perform their tasks and even divide them into two different periods during the day.

24-hour availability is a solution that is also useful when you work with foreign partners - e.g., from the USA or Hong Kong, who start their working day at a different time, and it is necessary to find common working times.

Not only for giants

Freelancers, who currently mix work from home, with the city cafe work model or the digital nomad trend (traveling specialist), geekers focused on project work on a topic that is they are passionate about, also need to sit at a desk from time to time and use the office infrastructure.

Cluster Offices are not only serviced offices. They also give the possibility of renting a desk, conference room for hours or whole days. Cluster Offices coworking always focuses on locations in the city center, with great access and prestigious infrastructure.

Boutique d茅cor 鈥 feel like at home

The home office experience has also changed the perspective of employees and employers on what office spaces may look like. Offices are to provide similar comfort and freedom during work as the spaces of our homes. At Cluster Offices, we focus on intimate, boutique interiors that are on one hand designer and on the other, accessible. Their functionality and aesthetics make working in our coworking spaces extremely pleasant.

Serviced office and coworking

A great advantage of the Cluster space is that the subscription includes additional services such as access to printers, cleaning services as well as access to fruit/coffee/tea - Office Manager's eternal nightmare - says Dominika from Beekeper. Cluster Office also deserves a big plus for its super-friendly atmosphere and professional approach to work - she adds.

Cooperation with a serviced and coworking office is certainly a way to lead the company into modernity. Regardless of whether you are looking for one of the solutions described above or a completely individually tailored offer allowing for effective, profitable, and comfortable work in a remote, shift, or hybrid system - take advantage of the flexibility and modernity of Cluster Offices.

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