Spotkajmy się w Clustrze w Krakowie i Katowicach

Organize Your Company Event in Kraków or Katowice's Cluster Offices


At Cluster, as a serviced office operator, we understand that organizing an event is a challenging task. Whether it's a conference, training session, company meeting, or any other type of gathering, it creates an impression of your company or organization. Each event is unique, and that's why precise planning and reliable partners are essential. Let's organize your company event together!


What is the reason that companies are keen on organizing their events in our spaces? 

  • Every location of Cluster in Kraków and Katowice has been hosting conferences, training, seminars, company meetings, and even hackathons for companies like Intel, Facebook or Capgemini.
  • Location is a major factor. All our offices are situated in the city center near traffic routes and parking lots, making them easily accessible for VIPs and journalists at odd times, or for events with some drinks.



Cluster Old Railway Station in Katowice is a perfect venue for larger events, as demonstrated by the Capgemini hackathon hosted there even before our office officially opened. The renovated building on Dworcowa Street also played host to a grand opening attended by a wide range of special guests, including the Vice Mayor of Katowice, journalists, and representatives from various technology branches, along with many prospective tenants.

Additionally, the venue successfully hosted an event featuring author Marek Zmysłowski, a well-known figure in the African IT industry and the author of "Chasing the Black Unicorns." We were delighted to have him at Cluster Old Railway Station in Katowice, thanks to a special invitation from CBRE.


If you are already our tenant, we invite you to check out all of our Cluster Office locations. If you are not currently a client but interested in event organizing, we encourage you to visit us in person.

We would be delighted to showcase our facilities, equipment potential, and technical and operational capabilities. Our high-speed fiber internet is one of our greatest advantages and enables efficient data transfers for your event. Our conference rooms are fully furnished and equipped with television, projector, and whiteboards for displaying data information.


We understand that taking breaks is important during any training, seminar or conference. That's why we offer unlimited coffee facilities to all participants at our Cluster office locations.

In addition, at Zamoyskiego and Józefitów offices, we provide catering services for lunch or special occasions along with a selection of wine from the nearby Wine Garage. For added convenience, our Cluster Plac Inwalidów location offers sleeping accommodations to complement our service package and allow your guests the flexibility to make future arrangements.

With our experienced and friendly service crew, we are confident that your event will be a success.

Don't hesitate to contact us and let's plan your event together!



Cluster Old Railway Station, Katowice

Kinga +48 726 005 500, m.

1x Training Room / 30 people

4x Conference Room / 8 people

2x Meeting Room / 4 people


Cluster Stare Podgórze  

Damian +48 726 550 404,

1x Conference Level with Lounge / 20 people (10+6+4)

1x Conference Room / 10 people

2x Meeting Room / 2 people


Cluster Plac Inwalidów, Kraków

Damian +48 726 550 404,

1x Conference Room / 20 people

1x Meeting Room / 4 people


Cluster Zabłocie, Kraków

Damian +48 726 550 404,

1x Training Room / 20 people

2x Conference Room / 2 x 8 people

1x Training Room / 4 people

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