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We are please to announce that our brand new serviced office in Krak贸w Stare Podg贸rze has been launched!聽

We worked on this project since late 2019 and believed in it since the very start. We've had our ups and downs, sometimes because of the pandemic and sometimes because it was just a difficult project. But we've made it there!聽Now, happy and satisfied we can tell you that it was worth it. Our brand new flex office is up and running!聽

The space can accommodate up to 160 workstation on altogether 1200 square meters. The building comprises of 4 floors, each of around 320 square meters. On each floor we located a small kitchen space and meeting rooms so that you'll have everything next to you.

We know that business is business and many people prefer to stay at the standard A Class office. We know that launching an office in a completely renewed building won't fully keep up the A Class standard but we tried - and we invested in the best solutions we could. We've emphasised lifestyle and the way people work nowadays. Let's feel at the office like at home, have some good restaurants next to you and go to the Bednarskiego Park for a break.

We hope that you'll like our newest office and will spend there some quality time. Let us know what do you think and if that type of the office suits you too.

Hope to see you soon!

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