Cluster Zabłocie – nowe biura w centrum postindustrialnej dzielnicy

Cluster Zabłocie - New Offices in the center of the Postindustrial District


We have made ourselves comfortable already at Józefitow Street near Plac Inwalidów and on Zamoyskiego Street in Stare Podgórze.

Now it's the time for Zabłocie – we would like to invite you to 12 Przemysłowa Street, where in January 2023, we welcomed our first tenants.


When looking for new office locations, we always aim to find places with a lot of character that is bustling with life:

  • old and renovated brick houses,
  • industrial spaces
  • and historically impressive parts of the city

Following this direction, we have found the location at Zabłocie.

Between XIX and XX centuries Zabłocie started to fill up with numerous factories and industrial facilities and, along with them, a web of sidetracks and railway tracks that has left its remains that you can find even today taking a walk around the neighborhood.

The most famous industrial facilities were, among others: Oscar Schindler's Enamel Factory "Emalia," which is the location for the museum now, Czesław Śmiechowski's Soap Factory, Sugar and Chocolate Factory "Kryształ," Kraków's Electronic Facilities "Telpod" and Polish Plant of Bread "Ziarno."


The Factory Park building, where our offices are on the 3rd floor, has been the Factory of Metal Products and Umbrella Mechanisms "Superior" headquarters since 1930. After that, it was taken over by Wilhelm Fink's Fireproof Cash Register Factory, where you could purchase weights, metal bed frames, fence nets, and all kinds of wire products.

Regarding this building's history, the original architectural elements were left unchanged. Features like Płaszów's brickwork in the staircases and goods/passenger lifts from the 1950s with 2 tons of load capacity will take you to Cluster Zabłocie's 3rd floor.

Are you ready?

Considering IT companies, ad agencies, freelancers, and startups on almost 800 square meters, we have arranged over 110 workstations in 12 offices and coworking spaces.

Additionally, tenants have access to common areas and meeting and conference rooms. We have paid attention to setting up new offices that combine ergonomics with aesthetics.

Newly designed spaces are full of color, rich in vivid greenery, and refer to the postindustrial area appropriate design. We are covering 100% of work environment requirements.

The Cluster consists of a lobby with a reception desk that receives parcels and mail, access to multimedia equipment, a kitchen furnished with appliances, and a coffee machine providing aromatic coffee and tea and other products that make work enjoyable and create social life during breaks. 

Using a lift on the way to the ground floor, on the -1 level, you will find, among others: a public bicycle room that can be used to park your bike and use a shower and bathroom decorated with fresh lichen.

We are delighted that we were able to build an office in a postindustrial building with a unique history located in a desirable and growing borough attracting more investors.

The postindustrial area is full of offices, museums, food places, the nearby park, a train station, a tram stop, a university, and new apartment complexes. We are inviting you to visit us!

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