Break Down Office Walls: The Benefits of Using Coworking at Cluster

Break Down Office Walls: The Benefits of Using Coworking at Cluster

Have you ever wondered what your work would look like if you could use it from any location of your choice, with access to all necessary amenities and the opportunity to make new business contacts? Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Thanks to coworking at Cluster, this dream can become a reality.

Cluster: Introduction to Modern Workspace

Cluster offers various possibilities for using the coworking space. You can choose between a dedicated desk, where you always have your fixed place, and hot desks, which offer greater flexibility and allow you to work from different locations. For those who require more flexibility, 10-visit passes valid for 3 months are offered.

Cluster offers 4 locations, providing access to coworking spaces in both Krakow and Katowice.

  • Cluster Plac Inwalidów, Józefitów 8 Krakow
  • Cluster Stare Podgórze, Zamoyskiego 24 Krakow
  • Cluster Zabłocie, Przemysłowa 12 Krakow
  • Cluster Stary Dworzec Dworcowa 8 Katowice

Advantages of a Dedicated Desk at Cluster

By opting for a dedicated desk at Cluster, you gain access to a range of amenities.

Starting with symmetrical internet (500Mb/500Mb), which is essential for effective online work, you have unlimited access to the kitchen and common spaces, HVAC (air conditioning/ventilation) for comfort, and daily cleaning service to keep your workplace impeccably clean.

In addition, you get unlimited use of phone booths, which are perfect for conducting private calls and video conferences. You also gain 20 hours in fully equipped meeting rooms - perfect for organizing team meetings, presentations, or workshops. Last but not least, you receive a building access card, which allows 24/7 entry.

Why Choose Cluster?

Cluster is constantly striving for innovation and improving its offer. The latest novelty is the Open Pass, which allows access to all locations. This means that no matter where you are - in Krakow or Katowice - you always have access to a Cluster coworking space.

Using coworking at Cluster is not just access to a modern workspace. It's also an opportunity to make new business contacts, exchange ideas and experiences with other professionals, and above all - the possibility of working in a flexible, inspiring environment that creates ideal conditions for developing your business.

We encourage you to join our community and discover the benefits of coworking at Cluster!

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