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When creating a new place, we devote a lot of attention to the arrangement of space and the implementation of innovative functionalities to ensure the comfort and safety of people working in Cluster Offices. We combine ergonomics with aesthetics. We invite you for a virtual walk around our interiors.

Security above everything

The safety of our tenants, their equipment and documentation stored in Cluster Offices is our priority. That is why all our offices have a CCTV monitoring system installed that records data 24/7.

Cluster Offices Krakow offices are visited by several hundred tenants, their guests, couriers and suppliers daily. We provide full monitoring of every visit. Each of the specialists working with us receives a numbered access card to the building and offices, which can also be used outside reception opening hours. At the same time, all entries and exits are monitored by the system. Thanks to this, we are able to recreate the access path of each card.

We are also fully aware of threats of the Internet, which is why a specialized provider watches over the security of our network. They not only provide fast but also safe Internet connection.

Common space and amenities

We provide our tenants with complete freedom of movement around the buildings and the possibility of using common areas. In Cluster Plac Inwalid├│w, both people using the coworking space as well as tenants have a spacious kitchen with a dining area and a comfortable relaxation area with sofas and a soundproof booth at their disposal. Kitchens with dining rooms and toilets are located on all floors of the building in Old Podg├│rze.

We have also designed a comfortable place to relax in the newly built office in Katowice. Those who rent an office in Cluster Stary Dworzec will be able to relax and drink a coffee while admiring the view of the restored Dworcowa Street as soon as this spring.

The comfort of moving around the buildings and using their equipment is ensured by a dedicated information system.

In each of the Cluster OfficesÔÇÖ offices, we offer multimedia conference rooms and meeting pods for tenants and external guests. All those who need to make a confidential telephone conversation can use telephone booths with soundproofing panels. And those who want to meet after work in a casual atmosphere, without leaving the building, can move to the Wine Garage restaurant, popular among our tenants. There is a discount of 15% on the entire menu especially for our customers.

We support and encourage everyone to move around the city by bike. Having ÔÇťtwo-wheel enthusiastsÔÇŁ in mind, we created a small bicycle parking lot in Cluster Plac Inwalid├│w and in Cluster Stary Dworzec in Katowice. You can also take a shower in all our offices after arriving to work. LetÔÇÖs bike!

Service and administration

A service office is much more than a workspace. These are additional services that are included in the rental price. What can people using Cluster Offices as a coworking space or tenants count on? Firstly, itÔÇÖs the support of our reception. We collect parcels, mail, make sure that you do not run out of anything you need to work, and we take care of a good atmosphere! We also make sure that the kitchen does not run out of coffee and provide access to office equipment. Our printers almost never break down! ;)

Our offices are cleaned every day, and the common elements are additionally disinfected. In the common areas of our offices, we have introduced an information system with a short sanitary instruction. Guests can get masks and lotions for hand disinfection at the reception desk and disinfection stations are available at entrances to the buildings.

Workplace ergonomics and information system

We spend up to eight hours a day at a desk. For the sake of your backbones, we have equipped all workstations with full-size desks (120 and 140 x 80 cm) and ergonomic work chairs that allow you to adjust the height and angle of the chair. Comfortable chairs meet the EN 1335 and ANSI / BIFMA x5.1 standards.

The detail is important

It's more fun to work in beautiful places. We take care of every detail, and we give our interiors a unique style, tailored to the nature of the building. When arranging Cluster Plac Inwalid├│w, we found our inspiration in the industrial style. Therefore, the interiors feature structural elements of the building, a steel mezzanine, brick and corten steel in the reception area. The raw space is broken by graphics, colorful furniture, and many plants.

Cluster Stare Podgórze is located in a renovated tenement house in the heart of the historic Podgórze. When arranging the interiors of the offices, we wanted to preserve the tenement style of the building, which we broke down with decorative elements referring to the Scandinavian style. The interiors also feature Polish design and contemporary art. Our conference rooms and kitchen are equipped with ergonomic and beautiful Fameg brands. The walls of one of the conference rooms are decorated with works by Bartłomiej Chwilczyński, a painter from Krakow.

The building of the Old Railway Station in Katowice has a rich, nearly 170-year-old tradition. Although its interiors have been thoroughly revitalized and modernized, they will still retain their industrial character. The stylish brick and loft-style buildings will also appear here, which will evoke memories of the industrial development of the city. The interiors will be decorated with modern lamps and accessories found at flea markets. Wojciech Nowak from NOWW Studio in Krakow supervises the coherence, aesthetics and ergonomics of the interior.

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