Skedda - Room Booking System

Reservation of conference rooms via the Internet

We have it! A new online booking system is now in place. It's great facilitation for Cluster Offices customers. It is a solution for quick booking of meeting rooms and conference rooms without leaving your home or office. An easy and transparent application allows you to check the availability of rooms - well in advance or at the last minute. Discover hassle-free booking of rooms for business meetings at Cluster Offices!

Business rooms in Krakow


Intimate, beautiful, and professionally equipped spaces for business meetings of Cluster Offices meet all the expectations of conference, training, workshop, and recruitment organizers. Rooms are billed per hour or in other convenient models. We have just added another to the set of amenities - the intuitive Skedda booking system.

Booking that gets even easier

We tried many other apps along the way. In terms of functionality and transparency, Skedda surpassed all other solutions. All the customers who have already used the possibility of booking Cluster Offices business rooms through the Skedda system highly appreciated its usefulness. The advantages mentioned by our clients include the ability to quickly check the occupancy of the rooms, express room selection and booking via the Internet, without waiting for contact with the person serving the office.

Convenient viewing

The booking app allows you to view all locations and rooms in one view or separately, which is more than helpful when you are determined to go for r a specific place. The timetable guarantees similar flexibility - viewing the room availability for a particular day or even the whole month is possible. In black and white (both literally and figuratively), you can check out which rooms are available for the period you are interested in.

Where to book

Go to the Cluster Offices profile in the Skedda app to make a reservation. Using a functional application, you can do it both from your desktop web browser and via mobile devices. The booking address is You can also always find it on the Cluster Offices homepage.

How to book business rooms


The booking process has been simplified to the minimum. You can make a reservation using only your e-mail address. All you have to do is to select a specific room and time.

If you visit Cluster Offices to view the rooms and choose the one that meets your needs on the spot, you can use the booking via QR code. We have placed signs directing you to the Skedda system at the entrance to each room. It's more than a practical solution: you see, you choose, you book.

Cluster Offices booking system

As we already mentioned, the application allows you to view the availability of rooms for a selected time. You can also use the Spaces option to see only rooms that meet your criteria: area, number of places, and purpose of a meeting. Skedda's neutral colors and well-thought-out layout allow you to understand how the booking system works in just a few seconds. You immediately know which rooms are available at the time you need them. You also gain the option to book well in advance.

Take advantage of online booking

Use the Skedda System to easily and quickly book a room for business meetings. You can check the availability of the rooms while working from the train, office or home. It is a super helpful solution that allows you to make decisions whenever convenient for you - without making an appointment with anyone or downloading any timetables. Skedda will also work well if you work in a different city daily and come to Krakow for a one-day event or recruitment.

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